Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nonfiction Fun for Beginning Readers

We have recently expanded our Early Readers Collection to include some high-interest nonfiction books, great for boys and girls.  Stop by CPL and check it out!  Here are a few titles from the All Aboard Science Readers series to consider...

Fake Out! Animals That Play Tricks
Did you know that the mimic octopus can change its shape, skin color, and texture to match its surroundings, or that there is a type of goat that faints whenever it feels threatened? Find out about these animals and others with bizarre behaviors.

Did you know that the European eel can migrate far distances simply from memory? Did you know that chimpanzees can learn sign language? This book is packed with interesting facts about animals that can do amazing and human- things.

Gross Out! Animals That Do Disgusting Things
Did you know that the horned lizard squirts blood out of its eyes to scare off predators? Learn more about this creature as well as the leech, the naked mole rat, the hagfish, and many more creepy critters in this sickening and super science book.

Dinosaurs aren't the only animals that roamed the earth during the prehistoric era. There was the Archelon, the largest turtle ever, measuring over 13 feet, and the Argentavis, the largest bird ever recorded, weighing in at over 140 pounds!