Storytelling is fun anytime!  You and your family can try it when winter winds are blowing and you’re cozy inside!

There are 26 short ‘retellings’ of Aesop’s Fables at Story Arts Online, the website of a nonprofit organization devoted to ‘preserving and promoting the ancient art of storytelling.’

The fables are retold by Heather Forest, who is a celebrated storyteller, author, educator, and recording artist from Long Island.  Forest is also the founder and director of Story Arts.

The fables may be shared as written . . . or you and your family can enjoy a storytelling tradition by telling them in your own way.  Change the words – make the stories short or long – add actions – invite family members to participate in telling the story – include sound effects, songs, or music!

The possibilities are endless, and storytelling is fun for all ages.

(For more stories and information about storytelling, just ask our librarians!)

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