Kids Click

Welcome to Kids Click! Here you will find loads of websites on all kinds of fun and interesting topics. Make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom for links to help you with your homework!


  • ARKive - Explore information about thousands of endangered species throughout the world.
  • National Geographic Kids - Animals & Pets - Facts, photos, videos and printable information about animals are organized into nine categories and nine habitats
  • National Wildlife Federation Kids - The organization that publishes Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick, Jr. magazine brings you articles, games, crafts, "printables" and activities for children and families.


  • Chess Kid - Beginners and kids who want to improve their game can access lessons, videos, articles and opportunities to play.
  • Highlights Kids Crafts - Photos and instructions will keep you busy all year with crafts for holidays and the days in between.
  • PBS Kids - Your favorite public television characters are the stars of games, videos and "printables."
  • Smarty Games - Interactive games, puzzles, stories and fun can support educational success in a variety of subject areas.


  • 64 Ball Games - Find ball games for children of all ages by browsing or searching by number of players, time to play, game type, season and more.
  • BAM! Body and Mind - This kid-friendly website helps you learn about diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity and sports safety, emotions and social life, and human biology.
  • Kids Health - For Kids - Search for a health topic, or choose from a menu of information, activities, and a kids' medical dictionary. There are pages in English and Spanish.
  • - Recipes, videos and young reporters will help you create fun and healthy dishes in the kitchen.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids - Have fun exploring an online issue and keep up with the latest sports news, kids reporters, videos, photos and blogs.
  • Zis Boom Bah - Games, activities and recipes will help you eat healthy and be physically fit.


  • America's Story from America's Library - The Library of Congress presents stories, images and photographs of famous Americans, periods in American history, information about the states and American fun, humor and songs. 
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - Find your grade level on Ben's kite and learn about the federal government.
  • National Geographic for Kids: History - Learn about people and places around the world with facts, stories, images, videos and online activities.
  • "The Presidents" at - Each name in a chronological list of the Presidents of the United States links to a short biography. ( includes other features, such as The White House Blog, Photos & Videos, a Briefing Room, The Administration, The White House and Our Government.)
  • Time for Kids - This online magazine brings you news and current events from around the world.
  • Youngzine - Become part of a global community of news and views at this moderated site for young people. 


  • Climate Kids - There is so much science to learn about in the world around you! Choose from science categories, questions, answers and images, or take a guided tour of frequently-asked questions.
  • - This colorful and upbeat website has a homepage menu that will guide you to math lessons, practice, games and a math dictionary.
  • Math Games from Sheppard's Software - Choose a math topic and a level, and then play games to practice your math skills.
  • The World of Victor - Young children who are not yet reading can play educational games and hear music about the natural world.
  • - Science Bob brings you instructions for experiments, science lessons, research help and links for more information.
  • 24/7 Science - Have fun while exploring many fields of science with activities, projects, and videos from the Lawrence Hall of Science.