Monday, April 2, 2012

Contest Alert!

Which Bill of Rights Amendment is Most Important to You?

Contest Rules:  Choose one amendment of the United States Bill of Rights and express why it is important to you.  Your entry may be submitted in one of three mediums: written word, a work of art, or a form of digital media.  All entries must be received by April 17th.

Mail your entry to:
Rita Brasen
Ammerman Campus Library
Suffolk Community College
533 College Road
Selden, NY 11784

Entries may also be emailed in MSWord, Rich-text or PDF format to:

Prizes will be awarded to the best of each medium category within each of the 5 age groups.  Fifteen 1st place winners will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle!  Eligible contestants must be Suffolk County residents in Grade K-12 (there is also an adult category for you parents out there!).  Click here for the official brochure.